Learnova VRX Point

Introducing Learnova VRX Point: Your Gateway to Immersive 360-Degree VR Experiences

Are you ready to embark on an incredible journey into the world of Virtual Reality?
Step into Learnova Virtual Reality Experience (VRX) Point, where we’re taking immersive technology to a whole new level. At Learnova, we believe that the future of entertainment and education lies in the realm of virtual reality. Imagine exploring the wonders of the world, diving into breathtaking adventures, and enhancing your learning experience, all from the comfort of your city’s favorite hotspots. With Learnova VRX Point, it’s all possible.

Wherever You Are, the World of VR is Right There with You

Learnova VRX Point brings the magic of virtual reality to various public places, making it easily accessible to everyone. Whether you’re dining at a restaurant, staying at a hotel, waiting at a railway station, attending an event or conference, shopping at a supermarket, watching a movie at a theater, enjoying a day at the mall, studying at a university, or relaxing at a resort – we’ve got VR experiences waiting for you. It’s time to redefine entertainment, education, and leisure at your favorite spots.

What to Expect at Learnova VRX Point?

1. Immersive 360-Degree VR Videos

Our extensive library offers a diverse range of virtual reality videos that cater to all tastes and interests. From thrilling adventures to educational documentaries, our VR experiences have something for everyone

2. State-of-the-Art VR Headsets

Dive into the VR world using our top-of-the-line VR headsets, ensuring that your experience is comfortable, immersive, and truly unforgettable.

3. Friendly and Knowledgeable Staff

Our friendly staff members are always ready to assist you, ensuring that you have a seamless and enjoyable VR experience.

4. Flexible Timing Options

Choose from two convenient timing options to suit your schedule. You can enjoy a mesmerizing 10 to 25-minute VR adventure.

Why Learnova VRX Point?


We bring VR experiences to popular public places, so you can enjoy them without having to travel to a dedicated VR center.


Our diverse collection of VR videos spans various genres, from travel and adventure to education and entertainment.


Our ticket prices are designed to be budget-friendly, making immersive VR accessible to all.

Unforgettable Memories

Create lasting memories and unique experiences that you’ll cherish for a lifetime.

Locations where we plan to set up our Learnova VRX Point

  • Restaurants
  • Resorts
  • Hotels
  • Coffee Shops
  • Supermarkets
  • Pitstops
  • Airports
  • Railway Stations
  • Library
  • Events
  • Conferences
  • Meetings
  • Theaters
  • Malls
  • Universities
  • Parties
  • Tourist Places
  • Religious Places

Setting Up a Learnova VRX Point:

1. Location Selection

Identify the ideal location for our Learnova VRX Point. Consider high foot traffic areas, shopping centers, tourist attractions and more.

2. Market Research

Conduct market research to understand the demographics and preferences of our target audience in the chosen location.

3. Legal Compliance

Ensure that we comply with all local regulations and permits required to operate a VRX Point in our chosen location.

4. Space Design

Design the physical space of our VRX Point for an engaging and immersive experience. Consider the layout, interior design, and arrangement of VR equipment to create an attractive and comfortable environment for customers.

5. Equipment Setup

Procure high-quality VR equipment, including VR headsets, controllers, and computers, and set them up for optimal performance.

6. VR Content Selection

Curate a diverse range of VR experiences to cater to various interests, such as travel, adventure, education, and entertainment.

7. Pricing Strategy

Develop a pricing strategy that balances affordability with profitability. Offer flexible pricing options, such as pay-per-experience or packages.

8. Marketing and Promotion

Create a marketing plan to promote our VRX Point. Utilize digital marketing, social media, and local advertising to attract customers. Consider partnerships with local businesses or schools for added visibility.

9. Staffing

Hire and train staff who are knowledgeable about VR technology and can assist customers in using the equipment.

10. Customer Experience

Focus on delivering an exceptional customer experience. Provide clear instructions on how to use the equipment and offer assistance when needed. Collect feedback from customers to continuously improve our services.

11. Health and Safety Measure

Implement health and safety measures, such as cleaning and sanitizing equipment, and enforce safety guidelines for customers.

12. Revenue Tracking

Set up a system to track daily revenue sharing from our VRX Point. Ensure transparency and accuracy in revenue sharing with investors.

13. Regular Reporting

Generate regular reports on the performance of our VRX Point, including customer footfall, revenue, and customer feedback, to evaluate the success of your venture.

14. Expansion Plans

Consider expanding to multiple locations if our first VRX Point proves successful.

By following these steps, we can successfully set up and manage a Learnova VRX Point, providing customers with captivating virtual reality experiences while running a profitable and sustainable business.


Mandatory Equipment

1.VR Headsets

Requirements : Meta Quest 3-128 GB with Licensed Applications | Quantity :  5


2.VR Headset Holder

Requirements : Meta Quest 3 | Quantity :  5


3.Bean Bag

Size XXXL – Leather | Quantity :

3.Signage Board 3D Acrylic

Size : 8′ x 4′ Size | Quantity : Setup : Outdoor branding

4.Signage Foam Board

Size : 4′ x 4′ Size | Quantity :  1 |Setup : Indoor Branding


5.Interior Sticker Foam Board

Size : 2′ x 2′ Round Size | Quantity :  40 | Setup : Indoor Branding

6.Signage Rollup Standee

Size : 3′ x 6′ Size | Quantity : 2 | Setup : Indoor Branding

8.Franchise Kit

RequirementsID Card, Brochure, Application Form, T-Shirt,

Business Card Quantity : 1

9.Trainer Manual

Requirements : SoftCopy & Hard Copy| Quantity : 1

10.Branding Solution

Team : Digital MarkeingQuantity : 1

Primary Equipment

1.Signage Board 3D Acrylic

Size : 8′ x 4′ Size | Quantity : Setup : Outdoor branding

2.Signage Foam Board

Size : 4′ x 4′ Size | Quantity :  1 |Setup : Indoor Branding


3.Interior Sticker Foam Board

Size : 2′ x 2′ Round Size | Quantity :  40 | Setup : Indoor Branding

4.Signage Rollup Standee

Size : 3′ x 6′ Size | Quantity : 2 | Setup : Indoor Branding

5.Franchise Kit

RequirementsID Card, Brochure, Application Form, T-Shirt,

Business Card Quantity : 1

6.Trainer Manual

Requirements : SoftCopy & Hard Copy| Quantity : 1

7.Branding Solution

Team : Digital MarkeingQuantity : 1

Secondary Equipment

1.Meta Quest 3 Head Straps with Battery Setup

Quantity :  5


2.Meta Quest 3 Carry Case

Quantity :  5


3.Meta Quest 3 Safety Guard

 Quantity : 5

4.Interactive Panel Board

Size : 65″/70″ Size | Quantity :  1

5.Writing Flip Chair

Quantity :  5

6 Security Camera

 Quantity : 4

7.Cushion Sofa (3 Seater)

Quantity : 1

8.Office Table

Quantity :2

9.Rolling Chair

Quantity : 4

10.Computer (Desktop/Laptop) with Printer

Quantity : 2+1


Size : 44 inch (Android TV)

12.Interior - Floor Mat for VR Room

Quantity : 1

Earn with Learnova VRX Point

Unlocking Opportunities with Learnova VRX Point

Learnova VRX Point is your portal to unparalleled virtual reality experiences. We offer a unique investment opportunity where anyone can partake in our captivating VR adventures. Travel the world, plunge into ocean depths, and explore the cosmos with us. Invest today for daily revenue sharing and embark on a journey of boundless wonder. Join us in redefining how you experience the world.

Investing in Learnova VRX Point:

Learnova’s pioneering VRX Point investment concept is your gateway to immersive experiences beyond imagination. With an investment in Learnova VRX Points, anyone can indulge in a world of VR wonders – from exploring different countries, diving into underwater realms, embarking on space journeys, and more. What’s even better? Daily revenue sharing ensures a rewarding investment for all. Dive into the world of VRX Points and explore boundless horizons while earning daily rewards.

Investment Options:


Investment Amount
Maturity Daily IA +
Rs. 1,00,000 Just 20 Months
(600 Days)
Rs. 350 Rs. 2,10,000
Rs. 2,00,000 Just 20 Months
(600 Days)
Rs. 750 Rs. 4,50,000
Rs. 3,00,000 Just 20 Months
(600 Days)
Rs.1200 Rs. 7,20,000

“Discover the potential of Earning with Learnova — where experiencing meets earning, and possibilities are limitless.”

Withdraw in Learnova VRX Wallet

At Learnova VRX Point, we value transparency and convenience for our investors. With Learnova VRX Wallet, you can easily track your daily revenue sharing in real- time. When you’re ready to cash in, simply request a withdrawal every 30 days, and rest assured that your earnings will be promptly processed within 24 hours. Experience the power of control and flexibility with Learnova VRX Wallet. Your rewards, your way.

Investing and Withdrawal Process at Learnova VRX Point:

1. Get Informed

Start by gaining a comprehensive understanding of our investment and revenue sharing options.

2. KYC Verification

Fill out the Know Your Customer (KYC) form to comply with regulatory requirements.

3. Investment Transfer

Invest in Learnova VRX Point by transferring funds via IMPS, NEFT, or RTGS to our designated Corporate Account. Avoid cash transactions to prevent fraudulent activities.

4. Investment Certificate

Following your investment, we will provide you with an Investment Certificate, which outlines the details specific to your investment amount and maturity period.

5. VRX Wallet Access

Utilize the credentials provided to log in to the VRX Wallet through our official website or mobile application.

6. Withdrawal Requests

You can request withdrawals from your VRX Wallet every 30 days, with a 5% Processing Charge and Tax Deducted at Source (TDS) upon withdrawal.

7. Processing Time

Upon submitting a withdrawal request, you can expect your revenue sharing to be transferred to your designated bank account within 24 hours.

8. Maturity Period

After the maturity period, your investment certificate becomes invalid. Be prepared to return the certificate when making your final withdrawal request.

9. Note on Revenue Sharing

Remember that your revenue sharing includes both the profit and the principal amount invested. We cannot provide the original investment amount after the maturity period.

10. Reinvestment

If you find our revenue sharing opportunity appealing, consider reinvesting to continue enjoying the benefits.

By following these steps, you can make the most of your investment at Learnova VRX Point while ensuring a secure and transparent process.

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