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Unlock Opportunities with Learnova: Become a Referral Partner

Partnering with Learnova as a Referral Partner is not just about connecting people; it’s about creating opportunities and reaping the rewards of collaboration. Join us in shaping the future of education while enjoying the financial benefits of being a valued member of the Learnova family. Partner with us today and be part of a transformative journey in education.

Referral Partner Benefits:

Franchise Referral Commission

When you refer an individual or company interested in acquiring a Learnova franchise, you’ll earn a substantial commission. For every successful franchise acquisition referred by you, enjoy a commission of Rs. 25,000. Your network and connections can now become a source of financial gain.

Investor Referral Commission

Introduce investors to Learnova’s crowdfunding model and watch your earnings grow. As a Referral Partner, you’ll receive a monthly commission of 1% on the investor’s contribution within the lock-in period. This ongoing commission structure ensures that your efforts are continuously rewarded throughout the investor’s commitment.

Why Partner with Learnova?

Lucrative Commissions:
Earn attractive commissions for every referral, whether it’s for a franchise acquisition or investor participation.
Flexible Collaboration:
As a Referral Partner, you have the flexibility to engage with individuals and companies in your network, creating a collaborative ecosystem.
Contribute to Growth:
Your referrals contribute directly to the expansion and success of Learnova, making education accessible and innovative.

    How It Works?

    Franchise Referral
    • Refer an individual or company interested in acquiring a Learnova franchise.
    • Upon successful franchise acquisition, referral partner receive a commission of Rs. 25,000
    Investor Referral
    • Refer individuals interested in investing in Learnova’s crowdfunding model.
    • Earn a monthly commission of 1% based on the investor’s contribution within the lock-in period.

    “Your referrals don’t just earn you commissions; they contribute to the
    growth and success of Learnova’s innovative educational solutions.”

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