At Learnova, we understand the importance of expanding our reach and impact. That’s why we offer a franchise model for individuals and businesses who share our passion for education and want to make a difference in their local communities. By becoming a Learnova franchise partner, you join a network of like-minded individuals and organizations dedicated to transforming education. Together, let’s inspire a love for learning, nurture young minds, and shape the future of education.

Our Vision

At Learnova, our franchise vision is to create a global network of passionate educators and entrepreneurs who share our mission of providing innovative and immersive learning experiences to students in their local communities. We envision a franchise system that empowers individuals and businesses to make a meaningful impact on education, while also fostering their own growth and success.

Our Mission

The mission of the Learnova franchise program is to empower individuals and businesses to become catalysts for educational transformation in their local communities. Our franchise program aims to provide our partners with the resources, support, and guidance necessary to deliver innovative and immersive learning experiences that inspire a love for learning and nurture the growth of students.

Franchise Structure

The franchise structure for a Learnova academy includes various essential areas designed to provide an immersive and engaging learning environment for students. Here are the key components of  the franchise structure:

Franchise Model

Learnova offer franchise model for individuals and businesses interested in partnering with us to provide innovative and immersive learning experiences to students in their local communities. Our franchise model provide flexibility and opportunities for entrepreneurs to become part of the Learnova network.

FOFO Model

FOFO Model (Franchise Owned Franchise Operated): In the FOFO model, franchisees not only own the Learnova academy but also actively participate in its day-to-day operations. This model offers entrepreneurs the opportunity to have complete ownership and control over their Learnova academy while leveraging Learnova support and resources.

Franchise ROI


1. 80% For Franchisee

In the FOFO model, the franchisee enjoys 80% of the revenue generated by the franchise each month.

2. 20% For Company

The remaining 20% goes to the company as a contribution towards ongoing support, infrastructure, and brand development.

3. Revenue Sharing Module

This revenue-sharing model allows the franchisee to retain a significant portion of the profits while maintaining a symbiotic relationship with the company.

By offering an 80/20 revenue sharing concept in the FOFO model, Learnova ensures a balanced approach that benefits both the franchisee and the company. These models provide a pathway for franchisees to build a successfull business while leveraging the support and resources of Learnova’s established brand.

Franchise Resources

Learnova, a leading education technology company, is expanding its reach through franchising opportunities. To ensure the smooth functioning of these franchises, Learnova is looking to appoint dedicated and skilled individuals to various positions.

Franchise Director

Franchise Admin

Franchise Head

Digital Marketer

VR Tutor

Academy Maintenance Person

Whether it’s overseeing franchise operations, delivering immersive VR lessons, managing administrative tasks, driving digital marketing efforts, or maintaining the office space, each role plays a crucial part in the success of a Learnova franchise. By appointing skilled professionals to these positions, Learnova ensures the highest standards of education and customer satisfaction across its franchise network.

Franchise Amenities

When establishing a franchise, providing excellent amenities is essential to create a positive and comfortable environment for both staff and customers. In this article, we will explore key amenities that can enhance the overall franchise experience and contribute to its success.

Reception Area

Waiting Area

WIFI Access

Comfortable Seating

Refreshment Area

Parking Facilities

First Aid Kit

Fire Alarms


Green Space

Meeting Rooms

Storage Facilities

By prioritizing franchise amenities, you can create a welcoming and productive environment that leaves a positive impression on students, parents and staff. From comfortable seating and well maintained restrooms to free Wi-Fi access  and safety measures, these amenities contribute to a memorable experience. Remember, providing exceptional amenities is an investment in customer satisfaction and can contribute to the long-term success of your franchise.


Mandatory Equipment

1.VR Headsets

Requirements : Meta Quest 3-128 GB with Licensed Applications | Quantity :  5


2.VR Headset Holder

Requirements : Meta Quest 3 | Quantity :  5


3.Signage Board 3D Acrylic

Size : 8′ x 4′ Size | Quantity : Setup : Outdoor branding

4.Signage Foam Board

Size : 4′ x 4′ Size | Quantity :  1 |Setup : Indoor Branding


5.Interior Sticker Foam Board

Size : 2′ x 2′ Round Size | Quantity :  40 | Setup : Indoor Branding

6.Signage Rollup Standee

Size : 3′ x 6′ Size | Quantity : 2 | Setup : Indoor Branding

7.Bean Bag

Size XXXL – Leather | Quantity :

8.Franchise Kit

RequirementsID Card, Brochure, Application Form, T-Shirt,

Business Card Quantity : 1

9.Trainer Manual

Requirements : SoftCopy & Hard Copy| Quantity : 1

10.Branding Solution

Team : Digital MarkeingQuantity : 1

Primary Equipment

1.Meta Quest 3 Head Straps with Battery Setup

Quantity :  5


2.Meta Quest 3 Carry Case

Quantity :  5


3.Meta Quest 3 Safety Guard

 Quantity : 5

4.Interactive Panel Board

Size : 65″/70″ Size | Quantity :  1

5.Writing Flip Chair

Quantity :  5

6 Security Camera

 Quantity : 4

7.Cushion Sofa (3 Seater)

Quantity : 1

8.Office Table

Quantity :2

9.Rolling Chair

Quantity : 4

10.Computer (Desktop/Laptop) with Printer

Quantity : 2+1


Size : 44 inch (Android TV)

10.Interior - Floor Mat for VR Room

Quantity : 1

Stages For Becoming a Learnova Franchisee

By following this stages of process, you can embark on a fulfilling journey as a Learnova franchisee, providing innovative and immersive learning experiences to students while being supported by the expertise and resources of Learnova.

Stage 1

Initial Inquiry

Stage 5


Stage 2


Stage 6


Stage 3


Stage 7


Stage 4

Location Selection

Stage 1

Initial Inquiry

Stage 2


Stage 3


Stage 4

Location Selection

Stage 5


Stage 6


Stage 7


Branding Solutions

We specialize in providing comprehensive digital marketing support and franchise promotion services to help you expand your business and reach new heights of success. Our innovative strategies, coupled with cutting-edge technologies, ensure that your franchise stands out from the competition and captures the attention of your target audience. Here’s a glimpse of what we offer:

Franchise Benefits

Join Learnova’s franchise family and embark on an exciting journey of entrepreneurship, leveraging our brand reputation, support system, and growth opportunities to build a thriving business in the education industry.

Established Brand and Proven Business Model

Comprehensive Training and Ongoing Support

Access to Cutting-Edge Technology and Resources

Marketing and Branding Support

Exclusive Territory and Growth Opportunities

Strong Network and Collaboration

Financial Stability and ROI

Continuous Innovation and Adaptability

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