Learnova VR and AR labs provide immersive experiences that enhance their understanding and retention of complex concepts in schools, universities and colleges through virtual reality.

Virtual Classroom is now reality !!

Virtual Lab

Understanding of different science topics in an easy way of VR, 360 degree virtual science lab.

Fun With VR

Gaming experience in VR, enables learners to explore and learn while playing.

Teacher First

Teacher will describe, tell story regarding the topic while students are travelling in the virtual world.

Field Trips

Experience here amazing educational trips, virtually science lab from classroom without travelling.

VR is creating positive impact on Education

It’s interactive and enjoyable to travel in the Virtual learning world for learners. It increases students’ visualization. Just wear VR headset and start learning. From the first day, the teacher can start teaching. It is so simple. Research shows VR increases student’s interest in learning. It makes many hard topics easy by 360-degree realistic view.


It's Entertaining

Fun in education makes learning interesting


It's Efficient

VR helps students to increase learning efficiency.


It's Easy

To set up classroom, and conduct lecture in VR is easy.


It's Educational

All our activities are based on school education


Students Interest

3D virtual visuals increase child’s IQ and grasping power.


Makes Learning Easy

That Virtual Reality increases interest of students in study


Improved Teacher's Communication

To use VR in the classroom to understand the Science concepts


Comfortable Hardware

Technology increases students’ engagement in subject like science.

Learnova VR&AR Technology

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