Invest in Learnova VRX Point

Your Gateway to Lucrative Returns

Are you ready to be part of an entertainment revolution while reaping the benefits of a sound investment? Learnova proudly introduces an exclusive opportunity for individuals and companies to invest in our Learnova VRX Point entertainment through crowdfunding. By investing a minimum of Rs.25,000 up to 10 lakh, you become a crucial stakeholder.

How it Works?

Crowdfunding for Learnova Academy

Your investment directly contributes to the establishment and growth of a Learnova Academy. This crowdfunding model allows multiple investors to collectively support the creation of a dynamic and innovative learning environment.

Revenue Sharing

Learnova is committed to transparency and shared success. As the academy generates revenue, a significant portion (3% to 6%) will be distributed among the investors as returns on their investment. This revenue sharing model ensures that investors benefit directly from the financial success of Learnova Academy.

Returns and Contract Period

Collaboration is at the heart of innovation. Partner with Learnova to explore synergies and create mutually beneficial relationships. Whether you are an educational institution, technology provider, or a business looking to diversify, partnering with Learnova opens doors to new possibilities. Together, we can co- create solutions that make a lasting impact on the education landscape.

Return on Investment (ROI)

With a strategic approach, investors stand to receive their Return on Investment within the stipulated three-year period. If an investor opts for a 3% return, they can anticipate a consistent and predictable income stream over the investment period.

Repayment of Investment Amount

Post the contract period, investors have the option to withdraw their initial investment amount. This flexibility ensures that investors not only enjoy periodic returns but also have the choice to reinvest or withdraw their principal sum.

Why Invest in Learnova Academy?

Innovation in Education: Contribute to the advancement of cutting-edge educational solutions.
Lucrative Returns: Enjoy a competitive return on investment within a short time frame.
Impactful Learning: Be part of a venture that makes a positive impact on education and learners.

“Your investment today is an investment in a brighter tomorrow.”

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