The VR World Tour is a series of events that showcase virtual reality technology and experiences in various locations around the world. It offers attendees the opportunity to try out different VR applications, games, and simulations. The tour typically features curated VR content, interactive demos, and educational sessions, providing a platform for people to explore and engage with the latest advancements in virtual reality.

VR Space Experience

A VR room is a self-contained area that is customized with embedded or portable technologies that allow it to deliver or enhance a multimedia virtual reality experience.

Prolonged exposure to these conditions can affect astronauts’ muscle coordination, affecting their ability to perform tasks. VR helps astronauts adapt to microgravity by observing how they reach for virtual objects when wearing a VR headset.

The original Titans of Space was one of the first polished virtual reality experiences available; it created a lot of buzz about all the potential VR had to offer.

VR Everest Experience

Experience what it feels like to climb Mount Everest through a sequence of immersive first person locations as you strive to reach the top of the world. Incomparable visual fidelity combined with player agency in a VR journey that feels both real and emotionally stunning.
EVEREST VR is a powerful first introduction to VR, designed not as a conventional game but as an accessible experience that focuses on the strengths of VR to transport you to an impossible real world location.

Learnova VR&AR Academy

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