Waves in Matter

UseCase: Water waves and sound waves require matter or a medium to move from place to place. In context with matter, waves travel fastest in solids and slowest in gases.

Unbalances Force

UseCase: If multiple forces acting on an object are such that they combine to form a non-zero net force, then the forces are said to be unbalanced forces. If an unbalanced force acts on an object , it experiences accelerated motion.

Types of Forces

UseCase: The forces which act on bodies when they are in physical contact are called contact forces. Muscular force, and frictional force are the examples of contact forces. Forces acting on bodies even without physical contact are called non-contact forces. Magnetic force, electric force, and gravitational force are some of the non-contact forces.


UseCase: A ruby laser is a solid-state laser that uses the synthetic ruby crystal as its laser medium.It emits a narrow, intense beam of light in a single direction.

Introduction to Energy and Systems

UseCase: An object that possesses energy is capable of doing work. There is always a transfer of energy from one system to another system whenever work is done.

Linearization and Data Modeling

UseCase: Data modeling is often the first step in database design and object-oriented programming, as designers first create a conceptual model of how data items relate to each other. Data modeling involves progression from conceptual model to logical model to physical schema.


UseCase: Dispersion refers to the splitting of white light into its constituent colors. When white light enters a prism, each color of light is bent by a different amount, causing a dispersion of white light

Waves and Particles

UseCase: An electromagnetic wave can behave as a particle called a photon. A photon is a massless bundle of energy that behaves like a particle and a wave. The photon's energy depends on the frequency of the wave. Its energy increases as the wave's frequency increases.

Ultrasound -Sonar

UseCase: SONAR (SOund NAvigation Ranging) is a device which is used to detect and locate underwater objects by using ultrasonic waves. It consists of a transmitter that produces and transmits ultrasonic waves, and a detector that detects the ultrasonic wave reflected after striking the objects.


UseCase: A relation between the two sets is defined as the collection of ordered pairs containing one object from each set. For example, a relation from a set A to a set B is a set of ordered pairs < x, y >, where x is an element of A and y is an element of B.


Usecase: Work is the transfer of energy that occurs when a force is applied over a distance. No work is done if you push an object and the object doesn't move.The amount of work done is calculated using the equation, Work = force × distance. The force must be in Newtons (N) and distance must be in meters (m).

Division of Polynomials

UseCase: Synthetic division is a shortcut method of dividing a polynomial by another polynomial. To divide a polynomial by using synthetic division, we divide a linear expression by the leading coefficient (first number)that must be a 1. For example, you can use synthetic division to divide by x + 3 or x – 6, but you cannot use synthetic division to divide by x² + 2 or 3x² – x + 7.

Action Potential

UseCase: An action potential is the difference in electrical potential related to the movement of an impulse along the membrane of a muscle cell or a nerve cell. In a nerve cell, it is termed as a nerve impulse.

Heat Engines and the Second Law of Thermodynamics

UseCase: A heat engine is a device that converts some thermal energy into mechanical energy. Some examples of heat engines are: a thermal power station, a steam locomotive, and an internal combustion engine found in many cars. Internal combustion engines burn fuel in the engine's cylinders transforms chemical energy into thermal energy, then converts that into mechanical energy as a piston moves up and down.

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