Are you ready to step into the extraordinary world of Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR)? We invite you to an exclusive event that will redefine your perception of reality and innovation!

Event Date: 11th and 12th of October

 Location: LOGYTalks.com

 This event is a unique opportunity to explore the incredible potential of the transformative technologies that are reshaping industries, from gaming and entertainment to education and healthcare.

 Event Highlights:  Keynote Sessions: Listen to visionary speakers at the forefront of AR and VR development as they share their insights and predictions for the future.

 Interactive Demos: Get hands-on with the latest AR and VR innovations through interactive demonstrations and experiences that will transport you to new worlds.

 Networking Opportunities: Connect with experts, enthusiasts, and professionals in the AR and VR ecosystem, fostering collaborations and partnerships.

 Who Should Attend: This event is ideal for professionals, entrepreneurs, innovators, and anyone intrigued by the limitless possibilities of AR and VR technology. Whether you’re an industry expert or simply curious about these immersive technologies, there’s something for everyone.