Virtualware, a Spanish virtual reality (VR) firm specialising in enterprise training solutions, has inked a massive multi-million dollar deal with a US energy firm.

With its VR training platform, Virtualware will offer its services to the unnamed company to rapidly upskill its workforce for entering their on-side working environments. 

The five-year renewable contract will allow the energy giant to leverage Virtualware’s VR-as-a-Service (VRaaS) platform.

Named VIROO, the flagship platform has become one of the world’s top VRaaS solutions, providing easy accessibility to VR training for companies, organisations, and institutions across the world.

The comprehensive, all-in-one solution provides multi-user VR applications with remote deployment and development capabilities.

Currently, over 40 firms, institutions, and organisations like GE Hitachi Nuclear Energy, ADIF, Ontario Power Generation, Gestamp, the Spanish Ministry of Defense, and many others use the platform for their training needs.

Many use the VRaaS platform to build strategic projects for massive projects in defence, key infrastructure, training, and education, among others.

Founded in 2004 in Bilbao, Spain, the Spanish firm has been a trailblazer in virtual reality solutions across industry verticals and received acclaim for its products and services.

It also hosts a second office in Hamilton, Ontario, Canada for its North American operations. Furthermore, it launched its public offering on the Euronext Access Paris in April this year, trading at 8,50 euros per share.

Corporación Digital-Virtualware Deal for University ICT Training

The news comes after the VR training firm signed a massive deal with Corporación Digital SA de CV. With the agreement, the client will use VIROO at the University of El Salvador to prepare future workforces.

The €1.6 million deal will lock in VIROO subscription plans over three years’ time. Also, Virtualware will install and maintain six further VIROO VR rooms across the client’s university campuses, the company stated.

Corporación Digital is also a VIROO Partner Programme member and has worked to develop major projects for information and computer technologies (ICT) along with audiovisual solutions in Central America.

For over 20 years, the El Salvador-based company has forged partnerships across academic, public, and private sector organisations.

Unai Extremo, Chief Executive and Founder, Virtualware, said,

We are thrilled to bring our VIROO platform to the University of El Salvador and help improve the way people teach and learn. With VIROO, Central American teachers will have the ability to create and deploy virtual reality learning resources and activities autonomously, making the Virtual Reality-driven content creation process much simpler and valuable”

He added that the multi-year agreement with Corporacion Digital was a “significant milestone” for his company. Virtualware would also “continue to expand” its reach to “establish VIROO as the standard for developing industrial and educational Virtual reality applications worldwide.”

Finally, Luís Segovía, Managing Director, Corporación Digital, added,

“We have found VIROO to be one of the most complete and adaptable solutions for the education and training needs our region is beginning to demand. Through this agreement, we will improve the way many people teach and learn at the University of El Salvador”

Spain’s ADIF Picks Virtualware for Railway VR Training Simulator

The news comes after the VR solutions firm teamed up with Spain’s Administrator for Railway Infrastructures (ADIF) to create and launch the nation’s railway network VR simulator.

Using the innovative platform, Virtualware offered the VR simulator to train, upskill, and prepare ADIF workers for building and maintaining critical infrastructure across the entire railway project.

According to the company, the ADIF invested nearly €1 million USD in the upskilling venture to transform its workforce competencies with virtual reality training systems.

The VIROO platform also included a Valencia-based, 250-square-metre immersive training room. Entrants to the new training programme will leverage the cutting-edge training simulator to prepare for deployments on the job.

Additionally, it hopes to cut costs, protect employees from operational risks while on the job, and increase learner retention. 

What is VRaaS?

Virtual Reality as a Service (VRaaS) allows companies to furnish a bespoke package for managing VR solutions in training, upskilling, and therapy, among others.

Vendors will prepare a full package complete with headsets, mobile device management (MDM), software, product service, and content for businesses, based on their needs and goals for the service.

Companies like Lenovo offer similar solutions via their ThinkReality platform, which provides comprehensive packages to their clients. Doing so removes the massive barriers to entry in VR and the Metaverse while simplifying required services in one package and with one vendor.

Furthermore, ARuVR, a leading British virtual and augmented reality (VR/AR) training company, offers their services with all-inclusive packages to firms, organisations, and schools.

This streamlines the process of device procurement and deployment, app management, content generation with generative AI (GenAI), and other disparate processes.