Next month, the Immerse Global Summit (IGS) will kick off its 2023 edition in Orlando, Florida, between 17 and 23 October. The VRAR Association is helping to host the annual event alongside the MetaCentre and Synapse.

Following ten years of operations, IGS 2023 is launching as part of the Metacenter Global Week, an event packed with the latest XR industry innovations and trends.

Moreover, IGS 2023 continues its vision of providing attendees with leading industry figures who will offer core market insights via keynotes and speaker sessions, showcasing emerging immersive technologies and solutions across the AR/VR/MR, Metaverse, and spatial computing spectrum.  

IGS 2023 also covers the latest enterprise-ready XR use cases that assist with varied workplace industries, including healthcare, defence, and automotive.  

The event should prove another successful instalment, highlighting yearly innovations and providing a rich learning space to promote XR as a ubiquitous technology solution for businesses.

IGS 2023: What to Expect 

This year’s event promises to be a significant one. IGS 2023 has the support of leading firms via its sponsors, including Google Cloud, Snapchat, and Meta – all of which will have exhibitor spaces and speaker sessions.  

IGS 2023 is hosting its esteemed lineup of speakers with a deep agenda that seeks to spread knowledge of enterprise-grade XR across various knowledge levels and end-users.  

Moreover, the agenda will cover XR-related technologies that developers commonly integrate into an immersive workplace product – including but not limited to genAI, NFTs, and avatars. 

The event’s exhibition space will also host a range of XR vendors ready to show attendees the latest AR/VR/MR innovations with some hands-on demonstrations. 

IGS is keen to show the various potential use cases of XR. Its focus on enterprise-leaning technology also provides insight into the future of immersive entertainment, such as broadcasting and gaming. 

MetaCenter Global Week

IGS 2023 is expanding its yearly offerings, thanks to the MetaCenter and Synapse event partnership that grows the content on show for attendees.

Alongside its targeted agenda sessions, IGS is part of MetaCenter Global Week—an accompanying event which hosts XR-powered, in-person live events that showcase the local region.

The MetaCenter is a hub to support Orlando developers, companies, and innovators trying to build Metaverse services locally. Additionally, the MetaCenter assists local talent trying to leverage related technologies such as IoT, RT3D modelling, simulation, and AI. 

For IGS 2023, the MetaCentre is hosting the “Orlando Downtown Discovery Dash”, a team scavenger hunt gaming experience – free to all IGS attendees – which allows players to collect immersive assets dotted around the city, which helps visitors see more of the surrounding Orlando area.  

Moreover, the MetaCenter is hosting two after-hours live music events. The two events, “Mayor Dyer presents: Local Jam” [a free event] and the “Lost Frequencies Concert” [for ticket holders only], will take place at The Beacham and Church Street, respectively. Both events highlight the potential of live experiences that leverage emerging immersive technology solutions. 

IGS 2023: A Paradigm Shift for XR? 

IGS 2023 comes at the perfect time for the XR industry. Following major year-wide announcements from countless leading XR firms like Meta, Apple, Microsoft, HTC VIVE, Varjo, Xreal, and many others, the technology space is facing an upturn in audience interest.

Following a massive media hype wave, the XR industry settled. Now, landscape-altering devices are emerging on the market, ready for 2024 and attempting to secure XR as a workplace technology. 

From Apple’s productivity-focused Vision Pro device to Meta’s dive into workplace MR headsets and Microsoft’s upcoming 2024 industrial Metaverse roadmap, the enterprise XR industry could soon be ready to enhance work.  

Moreover, the consumer market is equally going forward with strength. With constant new use cases, like gaming, marketing, and live events, how broader consumers understand and use XR will shape the technology’s place in the office – remote, hybrid or otherwise.  

IGS 2023 will help attendees confidently navigate the busy, rapidly growing, and sometimes confusing XR market. Therefore, building a better understanding of XR – making business leaders ready for tomorrow’s technology.