Mr. Karthik, the South India Regional Head of Learnova VR and AR Academy, orchestrated a significant event that reverberated with innovation and learning. The “FICCI – Bionic Enabled – Future Innovation Reskilling Startup Transformation 2023 Summit” took center stage on August 30th at the prestigious ITC Chola in Chennai. This event proved to be a treasure trove of insights, particularly in the realm of startups, VR, and AR.

Mr. Karthik’s attentive participation led to a wealth of knowledge gained from accomplished speakers. Among them were luminaries such as Honorable Minister Lakshminarayan, representing the Ministry of Information Technology, Government of Puducherry, and Shri Dr. D. Manikandan IAS, the esteemed Secretary of the same Ministry. Valuable viewpoints were also gleaned from Mr. Balasubramaniam, the Convener of FCCI TN Startup Skill Development Panel, as well as the CEO of Stratinfity Inc. Adding to the discourse was Mr. CK. Kumaravel, the visionary Founder and CEO of Naturals Beauty Salon.

The summit acted as a catalyst for Mr. Karthik’s understanding of the evolving startup landscape, particularly in the dynamic domains of VR and AR. The plethora of insights and experiences shared by the speakers left an indelible mark on Mr. Karthik’s journey, further fueling his mission to advance the transformative potential of Learnova VR and AR Academy.