Role: Unity 3D / Unreal Developers for AR/VR/Metaverse solutions

Job Description :

Unity 3D / Unreal Developers for Metaverse Applications Developer (Immersive 3D/AR/VR Visualizations)

Job responsibilities:

Working in a small project-oriented development team to create custom AR and VR experiences for enterprise use cases (engineering, biomedical, Utilitites, etc.) in Unity/or Unreal Engine Collaborating with other developers and clients to evaluate project needs and come up with solutions Setting up virtual environments for a wide range of AR or VR scenarios, depending on the project type Implementing user interfaces based on mockups and storyboards Crafting intuitive user interactions for both novice and experienced users Writing well-documented, reusable code in C++, C#, or other languages as necessary Diagnosing, documenting, and fixing bugs reported by testers and users 

X-YUG Technologies Pvt Ltd

Role: Augmented Reality (AR)/Virtual Reality(VR)

Position Overview:

We are seeking an enthusiastic and innovative AR (Augmented Reality) and VR (Virtual Reality) Engineer to join our dynamic team. As an AR and VR Engineer, you will be responsible for designing, developing, and implementing immersive and interactive experiences using cutting-edge technologies. Your expertise will contribute to creating compelling applications that bridge the gap between the digital and physical worlds.


Role: AR/VR/Game Development Unity

Responsibilities include: 1. Work in Unity/JavaScript/C# to code a range of interactions for VR/AR/MR 3D experiences on AR/VR devices and on mobile and web

2. Work on game programming such as implementing game physics for integrating game-based elements in 3D experiences

3. Work on integration of various interactive tech as Wearable devices, gesture recognition devices, 3D humanoid interactions through AI, audio-video multiplayer or conferencing solutions, and others within the 3D experience.